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SWIFT is providing high speed broadband internet to all of Shenandoah, Iowa. Buried fiber network is the fastest and most reliable internet on the market. While nearly all of Shenandoah is built, it is still a work in process that we are fulfilling in the rain and shine!

Here’s The Process:

  • We build the main infrastructure throughout the City of Shenandoah which allows each neighborhood and then home or business to be connected individually. You may see trucks around town with New Tech branding. Those are our contracted build crews.
  • Once we have sign-up documents signed by our new customers, we build from the main infrastructure to the customer’s location.
  • Finally, our local technicians from SWIFT or either of our parent companies: Farmers Telephone Company and IAMO Communications, will connect your home to the service so you can connect your devices!

Things To Note:

  • To become connected, the sooner we know the better so we can build to your location. If we do not have signed documentation by the customer to start service, we do not schedule to build to you.
  • Here are ways to sign up:
    • Complete Online Sign Up – must sign and return.
    • Print paperwork, complete, sign and leave in our drop box.
    • Print paperwork, complete, sign and bring during business hours.
    • Come in to complete and sign paperwork.
    • Please DO NOT email the forms as sensitive information may be exposed.

If you don’t wish to sign up online or wish to sign up for ACH, you can fill out, print, and returning the forms below to us at our office. You can also drop off the forms to our covenient Drop Box located in our parking lot.



Certain Restrictions Apply. All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.