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Welcome to Southwest Iowa Fiber Technology

Southwest Iowa Fiber Technology (SWIFT) is bringing high-speed fiber internet service to Shenandoah, Iowa. SWIFT Services is a subsidiary of Farmers Telephone Company in Essex, Iowa and IAMO Communications in Coin, Iowa and Burlington Junction, Missouri.

SWIFT Services is building high-speed fiber infrastructure in Shenandoah to provide customers with the fastest internet service in the area. Customers can receive up to 1 Gigabit per second internet service! Email accounts are available to customers for $1.00 each, per month. Add our phone and television services, too!

Our FREE local Help Desk is available 24/7.

Transparent pricing. Locally owned and operated. Fast & Reliable Internet, Phone and TV!
SWIFT Services - 1303 W. Sheridan Ave. 51601, Shenandoah, IA
Subsidiary of Farmers Telephone Company of Essex and IAMO Communications of Coin, Iowa
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